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To the Trustworks Community,

You may have just read our AMA recap with the GemChasers Community, but we’ve got more in store!

We just concluded our AMA with! is a Centralized Exchange that recently listed $TRUST. To better inform the community and its traders about the Trustworks platform and its initiatives, we thought this would be a great way to interact with some of our newest potential holders and creators.

The following transcript is from the subsequent AMA and can be seen for your convenience below:

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. I’m Jun, CBO at I am hosting today’s AMA with TRUST. Let me give a brief introduction to XT first. is the world’s first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT exchange’s innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. XT has achieved this through a combined effort with our partners, likeBtok.

Today, our guest is RJ, CEO of Trustworks Let’s talk to him to learn about TRUST.

Hello, RJ, thank you for joining us for the XT and TRUST AMA!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Pleasure to be here. Thank you for inviting us 🙏

Can you give our audience a brief introduction of TRUSTWORKS?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Trustworks has been working in the blockchain space since 2017. WE started as an incubator of various projects, starting with Azaad Health, Xord, mParsec, Cubix etc.

We have also developed MVPs in the Digital Identity and Voting systems for the government of Pakistan.

We have held nationwide hackathons in collaboration with Global Blockchain Consortium and Ministry of IT. You may review here

Well we are overwhelmed with so much love . We are creating a platform to enable and empower masses, this is just a start. Exciting times ahead !! :)

I have checked your project has got impressive ratings by some top crypto rating websites. How do you take these ratings?

Can you introduce the core team members of TRUST? We hear that the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Ok we have 4 Co Founders and all of them have different skills.

As a CEO, I look after the strategy alignment and positioning of Trustworks. Having an experience of over 15 years in IT and 6 years in blockchain industry.

Then we have Raza Jamal, Head of Product. Raza is based out of Canada and has more than 10 years of experience leading transformation projects and building ground breaking products for financial services.

Junaid is our Head of Operations and Compliance, also based out of Canada, Junaid is a masters in economics from UK and has held various key positions in bluechip organizations.

And Carmelo Ippolito is our Head of Marketing. Carmelo is based out of UK and also services as advisor for some amazing startups. Carmelo is also an influencer from UK and has a great following.

Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build TRUSTWORKS?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):


As mentioned earlier, we are building TrustX. TrustX is the future of gig economy. We did our research and it was pretty obvious that products and services are now well observed in a social environment. With the invent of NfTs, this has become an area for the masses to create their own economy and participate in the capital generation aspect of NfTs through social app.

For this we are lining up 3 verticals.

1. Social Media

2. NfT Marketplace with no coding knowledge and one click NfT creation

3. Design tech web app.

We believe not everyone has a design skill, but we all have inspirations. Since Trustworks is already well equipped in the convergence of blockchain and AI, infusing a design tech will help everyone express their creativity and learn along the way.

You NfT usecase is different than all projects. Can you tell us more about your Governance NfTs?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Yes, our very own NfT use case is different from all. We combine NfT governance with DeFi and aim to provide a passive income model for 1000 DAO participants.

Anyone can participate in our NFT governance. All they have to do is stake Trust tokens in our NFT farms to earn points, then they can redeem our governance NfT with the points they earn.

This campaign is live till our app is launched. Those who redeem 30 of our governance NfTs and keep 100 Trust can participate in our DAO framework and can use our voting mechanics for key decisions.

There is 1.5% on all transactions within our app. 0.5% will go to DAO wallet for 1000 participants and they will earn passive income from the growth of our app indefinitely.

How XT users can benefit and farm Trust NFTS?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Our app will be live in July. Our NfT farms are live, which provides an opportunity for "Xters" to participate in a truly groundbreaking DeFI & NFT governance framework and can earn indefinitely.

I suggest XT community to join our chat as we are extremely early. We have a very active Chinese community with over 1500 members. XTers could use our Governance & DeFi NfT framework and can maximize their benefits by participating early.

Who are your Partners/Collaborators and what are the plans with them?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Last week, we have signed our 1st celebrity. Justin Bratton is our official Brand Ambassador.

Justin is the Host of Asia Got Talent and will be working in hands with Trustworks to enable and empowers creators globally

Then we have partnered with Unifty, an NFT farming platform.

Here is our Chinese celebrrity NFTs

Here are others

In the Crypto industry, what do you think of the current state? What do you think that needs to be improved?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Crypto is still in its infancy and like any other innovation and disruption, there will be a natural process of evolution. We believe the future of crypto is in our hands. If we take technological growth as an example, it moves regardless of price actions.

We are all shifting towards the forth industrial revolution. And inclusion of crypto and blockchain technology is imminent. It is up to all of us how we take this innovation forward.

How does the TRUSTWORKS team plan to tackle these issues to reach mass adoption?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

From start, we have positioned ourselves to create a platform for day to day users wher they do not have to deal with difficult codes and technical jargons.

Our app UI/UX is designed from a non crypto user perspective. We are building something similar to tiktok with NFT infused technology.

What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from TRUST?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

This month, we are releasing our bridge for ERC 20 to BEP 20 transfers. With the help of Justin Bratton, we have launch a global talent search Orgasmic Chakra. For more details

This would help us bring any type of creator to our platform. Our app will be live in July.

In Q3 an Q4, we will be optimizing and adding virtual worlds, in an effort to create a virtual life for everyone that can relate to our real world.

Anything else do you want to share with our community?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

I suggest all of you to get to Trustworks TG and see by your self what we are building for you. Our aim is to empower everyone not just the select few.

Thank you, RJ, for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been great learning more aboutTRUST and the team behind it!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

We thank everyone who has participated in asking good solid question and helping drive the discussion on Trustworks.

Thank you, and keep an eye out for more updates.

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