Trustworks X ADOR AMA 5/1/21 and Recap

To The Trustworks Community,

We hosted ADOR yesterday for a live AMA event! We were introduced to the ADOR project and educated on how they will change the cryptocurrency landscape.

We are also conducting an AMA in their channel as well! The Trustworks X ADOR AMA will be May 1st at 10 PM PST.

Below is a review from our previous AMA held on 4/30/21:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Hello @marksavage

Hello community, positive that you all are doing awesome !!

Please allow me to present Mark Savage @marksavage , Founder of ADOR

Hello Mark, pleasure to have you today!

Mark Savage:
Thanks for having me!

I am excited and honored to be here!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you and likewise Sir !!

We are seeing so much synergies in this partnership, the idea of empower everyone is just noble !!

Mark Savage:
Yes indeed!!

Creative empowerment is a must!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Agree. We will talk about our partnership and tell our communities what is it all about? :)

I am super excited !!

So before we heading into your project, I would like to know your thoughts on NfTs first? @marksavage

Mark Savage:

I saw a vision in 2018

As a creator myself, nfts where the gateway to this Blockchain industry

I love math and charts... but

Human expression is what really connects us all

I love nfts and seeks to provide industry standards so we all can enjoy this space!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
That's inspiring !!

NfTs are a way of expressing emotions !! Love it !

Mark Savage:
This is key

Bitcoin is technically an Nft

Satoshi expressed it that way

21 million fractions

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Awesome 🔥🔥

Let's move to ADOR. Please tell our community what is ADOR?

Mark Savage:

ADOR is a community and platform to empower creators around the world.


Our foundation is to educate and facilitate the traditional world into this new digital frontier

We are the DOOR to the metaverse

We lead with education.

Yes we started with high profile creatives, but we will add all levels as we develop more

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Amazing !! Having a creator on boarding platform is much needed indeed!

Mark Savage:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Please tell us about ADOR tokenomics and liquidity?

Mark Savage:
Our focus is to educate the creators and their respective communities


Currently ADOR has a low token count of 99,999 $ADOR tokens

We released a small amount for early supporters of our defi farming event

There aren’t much tokens in circulation currently.

Mostly the developers of ADOR have tokens and clients use ADOR tokens to hire creators

We have a few liquidity pools setup on uniswap and like I said out ether pool has a live farm on our site

So for an investor or company they could purchase a small amount and farm the rest.

The can use tokens to purchase our nfts, hire our creators and much more soon!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
That's wonderful!

What are your future plans in terms of listing and partnerships?

Mark Savage:

We seek to secure a few more strategic partnerships then allow coingecko to display our token chart

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
And currently ADOR is available on Uniswap?

Mark Savage:
After this we will continue to build and provide value.

Our goal is a top tier exchange.

We May list a few I the coming months

Yes, currently $ADOR is only available on uniswap or purchased directly from the team

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Mark Savage:
Official contract address: 0x099f95b0694A0D808f7C6c46A621f4E5E5E36dF5

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

As I was going through ADOR profile, saw high profile creators , investor ecosystem. Could you tell us more about it?

Mark Savage:

I am based near Hollywood!

Top creators, influencers and more are watching me as I develop and want to join the space

I am taking a patient approach for us all to evolve with the technology

Today the Nft space is still primitive.

We need my more development in the entire industry. But it’s incredible that platforms like Trustworks and Ador will be the pioneers that innovate and bring the enlightenment!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Nice! Is the ADOR marketplace launched? And how is VR plays a part in ADOR ecosystem.

Mark Savage:
The ADOR marketplace is not live yet. Our alpha test phase is still in development.

We currently offer consulting and verified publishing services.

We have a few top projects behind the scenes that will be revealed soon!

We do not wish to do small random Nft launches.

We aim to shape and mold the Industry... and to do this it will take planning, time, dedication, innovation and fun!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Yes it will, the journey is just begun !

So what are the next steps for ADORs? What is the brightest scenario you wish to reach in the future with ADOR?

Mark Savage:
Next for ADOR is great events with incredible partners like Trustworks

We have a few strategic events and will setup the playing field for all.

Traditional collectors and creatives need to learn and comprehend a lot

The brightest scenario is an open marketplace and community where creatives can thrive and live passively off of their works.

Creatives should not be a slave to their talents or skills

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Really inspiring words !

Mark Savage:
Cryptocurrency allows a scenario where a good plan can allow anyone to be free with space & time financially!

Cryptocurrency allows a scenario where a good plan can allow anyone to be free with space & time financially!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
This ignites the creative spark when we are free to think and explore within. Incredible !

Mark Savage:

Time to thrive not just survive


RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Yep. Awesome !! Let's move to our twitter contest. You have the 10 questions selected? Would you like to answer them now?

Mark Savage:
Sure thing!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Please feel free to post the questions and their answers, we will contact them on twitter.

Mark Savage:
Ok yes

Question 1: How does one test for the authenticity of a particular Nft?

Answer: For a collector, they must rely on the curated source. This is why a platform must have strategies in place to make sure the creators is true and valid

It’s best to follow creators you love and purchase directly from trusted sources!

Question: Will ADOR and Trustworks keep working together in the future? What can we expect? Will ADOR Nfts be on sale in the trust app?

Answer: Our partnership with Trustworks is indefinite... We seek to build and usher in viable industry standards.

You can expect more innovative and exciting events from us!

And yes, Exclusive ADOR Nfts will be available to the trust community. We will gamifiy it with farming, staking, events and more

Question: What does 
“Orgasmic Chakra” mean? Is it a different type of Nft?

Answer: This Orgasmic Chakra event is a truly alchemical process!

We are invoking a paradigm shift and many things will be born from it... Stay Tuned

Question: Mass Adoption is a weakness for cryptocurrency, what efforts will you make to solve this?

Answer: To truly solve mass adoption we need to activate the human element.

Also things need to be simplified and resonate with the collective.

Question: Do you have local communities to inform people about your project? How will you spread awareness in different countries and different languages?

Answer: We have plans to active local meetups and ambassadors. This may go live later this year, we need to have a few things completed before it launches.

Once we are ready we can have bounties and fun Nft events!

Question: Does ADOR have a training and guidance system for newbies to follow?

Answer: We have a few things in place, but a bigger development is underway. We have several partners looking to simplify this process.

Once ready we will release a learning section and allow the community to get rewarded and participate!

Question: What would you say to an investor who wants to participate? What bonuses and opportunities will ADOR allow?

Answer: To any investors outside of the USA that wants to get involved please join our community and get involved!

You can contact our team for a limited low entry to our token.

Question: Last year many projects abandoned their platform because revenue was low... How can we be sure you will not do the same?

Answer: ADOR has been around before the Nft boom! We plan to be here for a longtime and set standards as industry leaders.

We are constantly working and will not give up!

Our desire is to succeed and free the creator collective!

Question: Are you planning a buyback or burn event?

Answer: Yes, we will have several buy backs for the next few years.
As our platform goes live we will always need to buy back tokens for companies and vendors to use for various services!

Question: How will this partnership benefit everyone? What is unique?

Mark Savage:
Answer: This is a truly divine partnership. We have been following the Trustworks community for some time and this is just the beginning!

Since we are both innovative and forward thinking we can overcome anything and succeed where other failed...

Human expression is essential: Be empowered #clue3

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you so much Mark for put answering all these questions.

I am sure we are all clear about ADOR now and future.

We will tag you and contact the winners.

I think everyone here is anxious to know more about Orgasmic Chakra?

Let's explain them :) I will start with artist event first.

Can you please explain about the Artist Event?

What all they have to do to participate?

Mark Savage:
Yes indeed

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Pleasure is ours Sir !!

Mark Savage:
For artists to enter they must submit creations for the theme “orgasmic chakra”

This can play on alchemy 
Kundalini yoga
Breathe work
Universal law

Be free and have fun!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Awesome !!

@marksavage How can they improve their chances of wining?

How do we decide who is the winner? WHat is the prize pool for winning artist?

Mark Savage:

The more thought and details the better

If you are a minimalist you must have a clear and precise vision

To decide the winner we will see what resonates and represents Trustworks and ADOR!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
I am getting entries before we have officially launched btw !!

Mark Savage:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
As agreed, there will be 5 winners !! What will they get?

Mark Savage:

For art competition $5k usdt and $10k $ADOR prize pool

Along with $10k Nft valued rewards

For the “Orgasm Chakra” collectibles $5k usdt and $10k $ADOR prize pool. And $10k Nft rewards

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
We are really excited about the artist event. I would like to add to what @marksavage has mentioned. The idea is to on board non crypto artist too. Anyone who wants to participate, we will provide them consulting through ADOR. We are bridging the gap between both the worlds imo !!

Now about the community event. Everyone wants to understand and are asking questions about how they can take part? What they have to do to win? and what will they win?

Mark Savage:
Yes, for the community collectors event

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Can you please shed some light on this too.

Mark Savage:
The community must collect the necessary items from Trustworks and ADOR to win

We will reveal important rules next week

Main goal is to collect the map clues and decipher the code

One you have collected the correct nfts you will fill out a form to redeem your prizes

There will be top three winner and a grand prize

So: $5K usdt and $10k $ADORs split between winners

And the incredible grand prizes!

A few secret additions will be added to reward the most diligent

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you for the explanation Mark. I am sure our community will have a better visibility of the event.

Mark Savage:
Yes, a few clues are live now

And more will come

Most clues will be on telegram or twitter

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Guys follow the MAP Clues !!

We will be rolling out eligibility criteria and rules in the coming week.

Rest assure, we will make sure you all will understand the event.

On behalf of Trustworks and our community, we would like to thank you @marksavage for the AMA and your time discussing each step in detail.

This is a start of something truly special.

Mark Savage:
Thank you all for having me!

I truly appreciate it!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
We will open the chat now

Feel free to mingle with the community for few minutes 🙏

Guys @marksavage is here for few minutes. Please feel free to ask him reasonable questions :)

We appreciate you taking the time to participate and read our AMA! Please stay tuned for a recap of the upcoming Trustworks x ADOR AMA!


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