Trustworks Community AMA Recap

To the TrustWorks Community,

There was recently an AMA held on 4/21, with our founder RJ answering all questions TrustWorks related and more. A quick recap of the AMA can be found below.

RJ Trustworks: Hello Community!!

We are thrilled to have you all. We have projects contacting us for Partnership. There are a lot

of eyes on us, and its all because of you all, you guys are full of energy. We thank you for this. Together we can achieve more. Today we will be sharing updates so far in multiple areas of Trustworks. Let’s start with the following topics.

- Trustworks Incorporation -

We are pleased to announce that our company incorporation process begun early in April. We

are incorporating under Canadian law, fully compliant as crypto project
. This is a big step in our roadmap and opens so many doors for main stream adoption of our app, TrustX.

- Team Expansion -

Trustx aims to change the world by enabling gig economy. Its a big task for a small team indeed. We are pleased to announce the addition of 2 more Co-Founders who are based out of Canada. They have ample experience in the digital space, managing financial services projects.

More information about them will be shared along with our Canadian Incorporation letter through

our medium post. Regarding marketing, you guys are spot on. We needed to expand our marketing efforts while the development goes hand in hand. Here are few more additions that will be relfecting on our website in the coming week:

a. Marketing Strategy & Planning 
b. Content Writing 
c. Social Media

These additions will not only help us achieve our target audience but will also give us enough hands to deliver our roadmap on time.

Best part for moon boys!

- Marketing Budget -

So far we have spent over $50,000 for all our marketing efforts, including twitter shillers, youtube review and AMAs.

We are pleased to add another $50,000 for the rest of April and May. Get ready for much needed Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Medium posts every day!

- Developments -

Our first priority in our roadmap is to expand our reach from BSC to other chains such as Ethereums network. We want anyone holding ETH, BTC, or any other coin to be able to buy $Trust tokens. We are pleased to announce that BR Group is already creating our own bridge.

Trust bridge will give access to ETH chain participants and we will have Uniswap exposure too through eTrust. Trust Bridge will be live anytime between 10th - 15th May!

For our Trustx App, we will be selecting 200 Bug Testers from our community and supporters to be a part of our bug bounty program. We would like to involve our community in the development process.

Details of Bug Bounty will be shared in the 1st week of May.

- PRISM Pool -

We are extremely sorry for the delay in our pools. We were promised the launch of pools on the day of our token launch. Unfortunately, PRISM development is taking some extra time. We have been promised that the pools will be live this month. There are 200,000 tokens available in the pool for you all to farm. Please stay tuned!

This is the biggest update.

- NfT Drop -

Pleased to announce a new type of NfT drop in Trustworks ecosystem. We have collaborated with a few artists and are releasing 6 NfTs:

- Legendry, Rare, Common

There will be grand prizes on Legendry NfTs and all these NfTs will be availble on Rarible. These NfTs will not be part of DAO governance. This is a joint collaborative effort with some of the big projects in NfT space. Stay tuned for more information on this!

- Open Question Segment -

Please take few minutes to write your questions. Please note, only questions relevant to updates will receive 20 Trust.

Only one question per member!

Question: will farming rare nfts be the same as farming common as far as points?

Answer: No. Legendry, Rare, Common all will have different dynamics and points to farm

Question: with the app release, will us investers token holders have a 1st look at a beta release for testing?

Answer: We are lining up 200 beta testers. Will be initiating the enrolling process from early next month i.e. May. Ofc, you guys are our 1st priority.

Question: regarding collaboration with other companies and individuals, can we expect collabs with famous personalities from media? Also, plans for integration with the ENJ chains?

Answer: Yes we are already working on it. Eth is the 1st step.

Question: How many NFT will be released? What about the polls made earlier and NFT of it?

Answer: They are separate. Dao nfts are an on going part. New NfTs on Rari is not part of Dao. This will be a joint collab.

Question: You've mentioned that some companies have reached out to inquire about partnership. Can you explain what type of companies have contacted you and what type of partnership it would be?

Answer: NfT and Defi projects

Please stay tuned for updates and information on all things TrustWorks! This wraps up our AMA recap.

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