We are excited for the support extended by Unifty, in setting up our NfT farms. Our holders can now claim our DAO NfTs before the TrustX app launch in Q2.

Genesis Legends Farm is live.

Please follow each step appropriately to access the farms.

Go to your RPC setting and use one of the following “New RPC URLs”

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed1.binance.org/ or https://bsc-dataseed2.binance.org/
ChainID: 56, or 0x38 if 56 doesn’t work
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com/

BSC RPCs are working seamlessly.

Connect BSC network on Unifty platform and make sure your wallet is connected.

Wait for 10–20 secs for the farms to load, our NfTs are interactive and have animations, it may take few secs to load. If it does not load for you after 20 secs, refresh.

You can now choose the stake option here

Minimum stake amount is 100 $Trust and maximum is 1500 $Trust tokens.

Now you can start collecting points. You may refer to each NfT in the farm to set your target for how many points you need to collect, you may collect and farm all our NfTs.

Once you have earned enough points to redeem NfTs in the farm, click on redeem and claim your NfT.


How can I claim my NfT?

Once you have earned enough points, please feel free to redeem NfT of your choice from our collection.

Important: To view your claimed NfT in your wallet, you will need to register the collection address of the NfT you have claimed, to “Your Wallet” at Unifty.io

How do I find the collection address?

To find the collection address, go to NfT Market, find the NfT you have claimed and copy the collection address from description. Make sure you copy the collection address from the same NfT you have just claimed.

Can I sell my NfT?

Yes of-course you can. All our NfTs are trade-able within BSC network. However, there is charity mechanism embedded in the NfT code. Please refer to our Governance NfT Page and review our charity mechanics.

Will there be any deduction from my NfT sale?

Yes, there is a 30% charity wallet where we accumulate funds, and those funds have a threshold of $10,000. Once the wallet reaches this amount, we will initiate our charity mechanics.

How can I earn from NfTs?

You can hold our NfTs in your wallet and become part of our DAO framework.


  • You will be given extra privilege as DAO Participant; all you have to do is farm your rewards to gain access to DAO passive income framework.
  • DAO passive income takes 3 cycles of NfT collection from our ecosystem, once you have collected all our DAO NfTs, you will also be eligible for our governance framework.
  • A 0.5% fee on all transactions on the TrustX app will be collected in the DAO wallet and will be distributed among all DAO participants on a monthly term
  • You will be able to vote on key decisions of Trustworks growth, you will help us in taking critical steps

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to our Telegram chat.

Stay tuned for more exciting new NfT collections coming out in April.

Website: https://www.trustworks.global/

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Twitter https://twitter.com/Trustworks_NfT

Telegram https://tttttt.me/Trustworks

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