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Beginning today, we will regularly share all relevant info about Trustworks directly with the community. We are doing a lot of work in the background to meet your expectations.

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To the Trustworks Community,

Another week, another milestone reached as we continue to build our ecosystem. We are proud to announce that users will have the option to create and Lock-In their username of choice for the upcoming release of the Trustworks app! In order to qualify for a username…

To the Trustworks Community,

We are pleased to announce that Trustworks has partnered with PRISM Network!

Prism Network will be providing much needed infrastructure support for the Trustworks ecosystem. By supplying staking pools, and liquidity farming pools.

PRISM will be hosting the following staking pools featuring $TRUST:


To the Trustworks Community,

Since launching our Orgasmic Chakra Event, we have continued to try and empower you by creating much needed exposure to our NFT creators participating in the event.

With that being said, we decided to conduct an AMA in the GemChasers Crypto Community group on Telegram. They…

To the Trustworks Community,

You may have just read our AMA recap with the GemChasers Community, but we’ve got more in store!

We just concluded our AMA with XT.com! XT.com is a Centralized Exchange that recently listed $TRUST. To better inform the XT.com

$TRUST Now Listed on XT!

To the Trustworks Community,

We are pleased to announce our recent listing in XT.com!

XT.com is an exchange with a reported volume of $4,180,000,000, bringing lots of users and traders the opportunity to discover the Trustworks mission. …

We are pleased to announce that Trustworks and Ador have come together to launch the Orgasmic Chakra NFT Expo and NFT Treasure Hunt on the 10th of May 2021. This event shall reward "Creative Individuals" using a prize pool of $50,000. Participants would be required to submit their artwork before…

Announcing Justin Bratton as Our Brand Ambassador

We are thrilled to announce Justin Bratton, the host of the world’s largest talent show "Asia’s Got Talent" as our first brand ambassador. Justin is an award winning actor, host and filmmaker with international demand for his talent.

Justin Bratton on Instagram

Having empowered thousands of talented…

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